Combining Multiple animations


Hello, I currently have a working Track image, that spawns a looped animation. I was wondering if it is possible to combine the “Particles” animation as a layer underneath so that the “Gliter” animation is activated while my animation loop is running.

I am still very new to this process, so a step by step would be awesome if it is possible.

Thanks again.


Hi there,

Good to see you’re having a go at using Studio, it really does get easier once you have a bit of a play around! Could you please email, along with your .ZPP file for me to have a look at and I’ll try to find a solution.



Dear Sebastian, A big thanks to you and your support team! This is not an easy program to learn and I love your enthusiasm in wanting to help people individually, but by taking the conversation offline and out the forum, you are only helping that one person. In the future, would you please post any solutions or tips back on the forum questions, so that the rest of us can also learn about that one thing. Let’s grow the online knowledge pool! Thanks!


Hi Mindy,

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

There are a couple of main reasons we attempt to resolve some issues directly via support rather than the forum, these usually come in the form of:

  1. An issue or question a user is asking that is specific to their project.
  2. An issue or question regarding a 3D model (or other asset) that the user might not want to share publicly.

This thread, in particular, seems to fall under the first category. When asking for project files we want to make sure that the user is comfortable sharing them with us so we tend to err on the side of caution and offer a private way for them to do so.

We do however keep note of every issue a user has when they either post a question here on the forum or directly to support and use that to inform decisions about what tutorials and documentation articles we should put together next.

Hope this helps clear things up :slight_smile: