Changing how the Zappar APP starts and reacts


Hi, I am very new and I am using Zappar for an in-house game where I own the iPads int the room and they will be the only ones accessing the ZAPcodes.

The game includes folks scanning one image, getting a clue, then they go on to other images in the room. I have two questions.

  1. Is there a was to have the Zappar APP, after it finishes a video, or moves away from the Zappcoded material, that it just goes back to scanning mode instead of having the last image stay on the screen and users having to hit the re-look button?

2)Is there a way to have Zappar start up and always be on?

Can either of these be done in Studio? I have only used Widgets and Designer so far.

Thanks so much for a GREAT product!


Hi There,

The rescan button functionality can be triggered in Studio via script using the reset function. Therefore you can call this function anywhere in your experience to reset the scanning view. You might want to explain this behavior to your users somewhere in-case they get confused as to why the scanning has been reset.

In terms of starting up and always being on that would be a functionality of the device you’re running Zappar on. The Guided Access setting on iOS might be what you’re looking for.