Capturing Name and Email


Hello Zappers

I just need some help here with a couple of things:
I need to capture the name and email from the users and send it somewhere to the client… Email? List?

Can anyone help please?
Thank you


Hey Milenne,

That kind of user data is not collected from our end as we don’t require the user to give any of that information to us in order for them to download the app or scan an experience, this is intentional from us to lower the barrier to entry for people to experience our AR content (some of our competitors require a log-in just to use their apps which we feel is very unfriendly).

What happens in your experience, however, is up to you. Using keyboard input in Studio you could request any information from your users, worth bearing in mind it might put some people off going further though so maybe worth making it optional.



Hi Mark
THank you. The data is optional. Users will play a little game and at the end they have the option to enter a prize draw.
So I am thinking either to collect the data through the app or just send them to a website where they enter the data (probably that one as I don’t know how to put this code there)
Thanks for the links. If I manage to make it work… how do I send the information, where to?
Thanks Mark
I will be writing another question in a different topic soon.
Kind regards


Hi Millene,

I’ve just realised that we cannot collect any of that data in our system due to GDPR so that rules out the stats I was talking about. It might just be best to link to a google form in your experience and collect data that way, our platform wasn’t built for collecting data and there are better alternatives out there :slight_smile:



Yes, thanks Mark
I have spoken to the client and they will put a form on their website so I can just add the link.


But I still would like to know in case of an Event where we scan people’s badges like Zappar did before… Is that still possible?


GDPR rules out us storing any personal information on our servers (why stats is no longer a possible solution) but if you are storing the data elsewhere then you can use keyboard entry if you so choose. It’s still probably best to use some kind of online form for ease of use.


THanks Mark.