Can't streaming Youtube video


I’m really new here.

I’ve already read the step-by-step tutorial in this website ( ) and successfully streamed the video that linked in the tutorial page.

Next, I’ve tried to streaming my own Youtube video using the same method but when I scaning with ios app, the only thing I get in the video window is this ‘!’. Furthermore, I’ve tried the video I’ve uploded to Google Drive with the link sharing on. It’s still dosen’t work too.

Is there anything I missed?


Hi There,

Videos streamed using the video player symbol need to have their URL link directly to the video file (e.g. ending in .mp4) for them to work. YouTube and other video hosting websites will not work, Google Drive is another one that does not create a URL ending in mp4. AWS, CloudFront or CloudFlare are ones we suggest but there are others too.



Hi Mark.

Does that mean zapworks does not support streaming video from sites like youtube/vimeo at all? Or just that it wont work using that particular video.player symbol. If there is another method to stream video like youtube is there documentation or a tutorial for that?


Hi there,

There’s no functionality available to stream videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo, as the video URL has to link directly to a hosted file.

An alternative would be to use the launchUrl() function and pass in the YouTube video’s URL.

Using this function within a pointerdown script would launch an external browser and send the user to the link provided.

Hope this helps.

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ah so that will launch the browser which plays the video but it can’t be played within the AR environment. Pity… being able to stream a video directly from a site within a holder would be very useful.


If you’d like to avoid sending the user to an external link you could host the video online (using Amazon S3 for example) and then stream the video directly to your AR experience using the tutorial mentioned above.



Just found this, but out of curiosity, why does a link to an MP4 in my drop box not work?


This works in my browser, but this won’t work in my zappar app when I plug in the link. I get spinning dots, and then a triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle.

Also, that symbol for “video streaming.” (Which BTW, has a typo when you add a symbol and look at that option. It says steaming, not streaming XD ) can I use this symbol for playing a video from my media list? Or does it have to be a URL? If so, how do I do that?


Hey there,

Unfortunately videos on DropBox won’t work as the URL needs to link directly to the video file itself, rather than a video embedded in a separate playback engine, which it seems is what DropBox and a few other hosting websites do (you can see DropBox’s controls and UI in your linke for example).

Hope this helps.

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