Can not add 3d object ( FBX)


Hello, i am trying to add some FBX models, but there is an issue with the material.
i downloaded the files from asset store unity.
the file is FBX, and contain correct texture.
but when uploading the fbx, with the correct texture, the texture seems to have an issue in transparency.
will attach the 2 files, please guide me steps by step how to make it work.

Also other question, How I can add more than 1 animation to the fbx file:
for example, a button to run, a button to walk, … very good to mention the fbx have all the animation files, the needed files.

the model and textures sent to
please try to help me and updating me asap.

Best regards.


Dear Elias.
I can have a look at your FBX file. you can send it to


Done, i sent them both onb wetrasfer, and your mail

Need to know where is the issue .
Thank you


Just sent you an email with your texture fixed Elias. There was an alpha channel with some transparency on it. so I have just deleted that and you have your texture perfectly.


Hello, Thank you for your support,
fast support.
can you please explain me what you did to solve this issue ?
using Photoshop or using zapworks it self ?

please explain me step by step how did you make it ?

and also, i need to ask, how i can add buttons, to make the animal go left or right, or run.
i have the animations files.

Thank you


Hello, i foud the way how to solve the texture issue .
Thank you .
is there any zpp file , template you can send me how to make different animation for the same animal ?
like turn left, or turn right, or run … etc.
please if you have ready thing to check it with zapworks would be very good .
if not, please explain me how to do it !
Thank you .


He Elias
I have opened the texture in photoshop. And in channels, I have deleted the alpha channel.
Regarding your animation… Is the animal already animated? In the version you sent me there is no animation so you will need to use your 3D software to animate it… that is a bit of job!!
Lets say you animate him walking in 24 frames… then from frame 25 you have him running and so on.
Once you animate it you can export the fbx file and when you import it in studio which will bring the animation
so then you need to create new timelines for walking and running specifying which frames to use for each.
There is a zappar has an example that shows you how to split the different bits of the animation

I hope that helps.


i have the animations files , i need only to add the ability when i click on run button, to run, walk to walk .
is that possabile ?


Hi @eliaskhs,

The tutorial Milenne sent you (thanks Milenne :slight_smile: ) is definitely a good reference for using timelines.

The following docs pages should also come in handy:

Creating Buttons

All the best,


Please i am trying the last 15 hours to make it happen, your software is complicated, it can not be done, i have some questions and need solutions .
1- if i have model, and texture and animation, how i can create one fbx file , that contain the texture and animations togther ?
2- is that possabile to create it with zapworks ?
attache the file to your mail
the file called
it contain all the needed file !
i need to guide me how to make it work, just to gather all the animation in 1 fbx file and import it to zapwork, or make it happen via zapworks, i will research the buttons matter.

Just please try to help me !!!



Hello Elias
It is your lucky day as I have a dinosaur file which I worked on myself that does just that. I am attaching the file for your to have a look and use it as reference. Please just don’t use the dino for publishing any of your materials.

I hope that helps. Be patient, I learn every single day every time and it gets easier and easier… Thanks to Zappar support team and all the people here in the forum.

Digital_Pop-Ups_Dino.zpp (13.1 MB)


Thank you for your file.
i found my way to make it …