Audio only plays once


I’m using widget editor to add a sound file. When I publish the zap code, the sound only plays once even though when I hit play for a second or third time nothing happens?!


Hi there,

We’ve had a closer look into the issue and it seems it’s specific to Android devices.

Could you please let me know which device you’re using?

I’ll post here if there are any updates from the team.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I personally use the OnePlus 5T; however I have used the Samsung S6/S7/ and none of those devices were able to repeat the sound. You are right to point out that it is android based as I have also tried to use Apple based products and it works fine.

I look forward to hearing from you in the forum.


Hi Seb,

Any update on the android issues plaguing the repetition of the sounds?



Hey there,

There’s currently no update on a solution to this issue unfortunately.

Due to the nature of these bugs, we’re unable to give an accurate time frame as to when a fix may be available.

I’ll let you know if we make any progress on this issue.

Thanks for bearing with us! :slight_smile:

All the best,


Hi Sebastian. Thanks for the update.

My project is nearing completion and I was looking to go to print and to market in the next fortnight - at this stage the only feedback I’m having the issue above.

I fully appreciate that you’re addressing the issue but my delay to market will be as a result of the known issue and after spending months trawling through different AR experiences, I chose ZapWorks but I do feel let down.

Is there any way we can work together to speed up the process?


Hi @cartersyardcreations,

Sorry to hear that you feel let down, it’s certainly not our intention.

Unfortunately we don’t currently have any updates to share regarding the issue, but we do appreciate your patience and understanding.

As soon as we’ve made progress towards a solution I will let you know.

All the best,


Hi Seb,

We’re well over a month since I logged a bug to the issue listed above.

I’m none the wiser as to what is happening and I’ve now spent 5 months as a paying customer and I’m unable to tell my android paying customers anything about why the bug exists and when they can expect it to be corrected. I’m paying for a service that doesn’t work - in what other business would this be allowed to happen?

At the very least, I would expect more correspondence from ZapWorks about what is happening.

Can you tell me what has been done so far to deal with the issue?

Many thanks,


@cartersyardcreations I know you posted you where using the widget editor but could you move over to ZapWorks Studio?



The finish and animations I get with the widget editor are superior to the finish I get with studio due to my limited coding experience - I have tried mind. Thanks for the advice though.

The repetition of sound works on ios but not android. Maybe I’m being naive but I fail to see why this would take a developer 6 weeks and counting to fix.


Hey there. I got an idea but don’t know if it could help. I never used audio, but video works for me. I also work on android. If you’re using, try to use instead. You could try using a video with the audio you want and set the video to invisible, so you only hear the audio. So basically a dummy video to hold the audio you want and play it. Dunno, I’d try that.


Hi @cartersyardcreations,

Apologies in the delay in getting back to you.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to provide you with any further information as we haven’t received any updates from the platform team regarding the issue.

We will have an update for you regarding the status of the issue by the end of the week.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

All the best,


Hi @cartersyardcreations,

Hope you’re well.

The team have informed me that they believe they have found the root of the issue, and will continue to work towards finding a solution.

I will let you know of any further updates they provide.

All the best,


That’s great.

Thanks Sebastian.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Seb,

Any further updates?


Hi @cartersyardcreations,

Hope you’ve been well.

Apologies for the lack of communication, I’m still waiting on an update from the team. I’ve pushed them for an update by the end of the week so I should hopefully have some more information for you by then.

All the best,


Hi @cartersyardcreations,

Exciting news, we’ve just released an update for the Zappar app (v5.92) which addresses the bug.

Feel free to test this out with your projects and let us know if all is well.

Thank you again for your patience while we dealt with this issue.

All the best,


Hurray, it works!
Thank you! :smile: