A paper cube with multiple targets for 1 3D object



I am planning to use a paper folden “dice” with 6 tragets to visualise a 3D object.
This way it will be possible to tilt the " dice" and the 3D model will rotate accordingly
I hope this will be a better method that a flat card .

But, this is only possible if zappar can read multiple codes and link them to one 3D object.
one solution is to only process the target that is best seen by the camera…

It this possible?

greetings, Rob


Hi Rob,

ZapWorks Studio currently only supports tracking one image at a time so the 6 sided method would not work.

It commonly requested however and is currently a feature request with our platform team :slight_smile:



Mark, thnx for your reply
Good news that this feature meight be implemented!




Hi there.
The feature has been implemented already?


Hi there,

The feature has not been implemented and unfortunately I’m unable to give an accurate ETA on when it might be released.

Any update on this feature request will be posted on the following topic:

All the best,