3d video of a real person in ZapWorks


Essentially we would like to reproduce something very similar to this link herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=aw1tNTeQfAA but with a real person (filmed in 3d) and not an animation!

What would you recomend to achieve this ? Filming technology?
3d Camera on a green screen? 3d Camera doesn’t meet our needs because of its 360 degree nature so we would eventually loose the focus real 3d person.


Hi there,

Unfortunately, filming a real person in 3D won’t achieve the same effect as the 3D model in the video.

This is because the model in the showcase exists as a fully 3D object, which can be viewed from multiple angles, whereas the 3D video will always exist as a flat plane on which the video is being played.

You could record an actor with a green screen and then import the alpha video to Studio, but bare in mind it won’t achieve the same ‘depth’ effect.

This tutorial on alpha video use in Studio should come in handy:


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