Feature Requests

Apply group properties to node that was removed from said group (3)
More properties to Video Player Symbol (2)
Video Player Symbol Preview (2)
Drag properties inside a state or timeline (2)
Resize view window's height (3)
User defined properties (1)
Option to make the Photo Album full screen or zoom in feature in every picture content (2)
Studio: Import 3D texture assignment (1)
Studio: wrap in new subsymbol (4)
Studio: replace image / texture (5)
Studio subsymbol linking / library (2)
Stereoscopic split screen for mobile - for use www.aryzon.com headset (3)
Support for network communication (websocket) (2)
Renamed - Global on device variable saving (7)
Zap app store (2)
ZapWorks Studio dock and undock (2)
Designer Background Color (2)
Copy actions when Duplicating Projects (3)
Copy, Paste and Select Multiple Layers (1)
Widget - contact icon features (2)
Zap-alytics picture (1)
Zappar and his plataforms (3)
Account Linking - B2B feature request (3)
Functions near to JUnity in Zappar (3)
Make a SlideShow (10)
S8 Plus diferent screen size (3)
Help on Z.store (2)
Auto-Orient Zappar Menu (3)
Multiple marker tracking (3)
[ZapBox] Set focus manually on Android (5)