Feature Requests

Transparency setting for PNG content objects in Zapworks Designer (2)
Deeplinks to open using Web Ar (9)
Suggestion: Lights affected by grouping (1)
Duplicate Project Button (3)
Zapworks on Oculus (Go) (4)
Allow move on target manipulator symbol (1)
Design Shortcuts (2)
Preview image for videos using widgets (2)
Sound Start (3)
Inverted timeline events (3)
AR/MR collaboration (3)
Physics (3)
Wireframe mode and key navigation (4)
Alpha Channel Support (4)
Shortcuts sugestions (8)
Support appropriate symbol type casting (1)
Specialized groups (3)
Improved Analytics (7)
Device using? (6)
Real time color picker preview (6)
Define global media files for use across subsymbols (4)
When trying to search for something in the code, the to show the result with different color or bold (4)
Implement type calculations (3)
Face tracked to image | Recorded Face Tracking (3)
Provide timeline speed getter (4)
External reference with default value (4)
Target Valuer (6)
A few QoL improvements to the Hierarchy (3)
Implement record mode for timeline (2)
Location-based experiences (4)