Feature Requests

External reference with default value (4)
Target Valuer (6)
A few QoL improvements to the Hierarchy (3)
Implement record mode for timeline (2)
Location-based experiences (4)
Percentage of Tracking Image Seen (7)
Create Zapcode through Studio? Useful! (2)
Action button features request (5)
Instant app (2)
Minimalist alternative for Mass Production (2)
Edit Tracking Image Directly in Zap.Works (3)
3D models (2)
Environment light intensity controls (2)
Change object's center of mass (1)
Programmatically set up timeline (3)
Loading content in background/linking to other experiences (6)
Access a child from a group using its name (1)
Drag nodes from different projects (1)
Embed iFrame / HTML frame (10)
Function name() (1)
Random keyframe (1)
Apply group properties to node that was removed from said group (3)
More properties to Video Player Symbol (2)
Video Player Symbol Preview (2)
Drag properties inside a state or timeline (2)
Resize view window's height (3)
User defined properties (1)
Support for objects made in Paint3D (3)
Option to make the Photo Album full screen or zoom in feature in every picture content (2)
Studio: Import 3D texture assignment (1)